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    Through our learning SAFE has developed the following model of engagement and delivery that puts you, the client at the heart of what we do

    1. Speedy and proactive engagement with you
    2. Thorough assessment of your needs and where we can add value
    3. Validate and confirm the offer with you
    4. Deliver with your teams and stakeholders
    5. Evaluate and learn throughout the process and sharing findings


    “Your clinical and organisational development knowledge is great”

    Vanessa Fowler

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    Our goal is to provide value for you through developing sustainable change


    We are individually multiple award winners for innovation, person-centred, safe approaches to offender healthcare, community drug services and leadership


    We draw from our wide network of clinical, academic, leadership, offender and coaching experts to ensure you get the right skills for the job


    90 % of clients have used us more than once

  • Profiles

    We've got a top notch team!

    Claire Shepherd


    Claire Shepherd (Director of SAFE Offender Healthcare) is a highly experienced multiple-award winning leader in criminal justice, health, and social care services to vulnerable people, including offenders.


    She has over 7 years experience at senior operational management level in offender health, leading and managing a cluster of three prisons to support prison partners to: achieve Level 4 in a Category B prison; reduce deaths in custody by over 70%, maintained over 5 years; winning the 2013 National Patient Safety Award and 5 other national awards for prisons health. Claire was shortlisted for the Secretary of State Award for Healthcare Management for her prison work.





    Claire is currently developing her mindfulness practice and loving it!


    Priti Palmer

    Quality and Projects Lead

    Over 20 years experience in working with marginalised and vulnerable individuals in services for offenders, homelessness, older people, visual impairment, substance use and addressing health inequalities, within the public and Third sector.


    Motivated by principles of fairness and the belief that people can be empowered and enabled to create their own solutions and facilitate change to improve their life chances.


    Priti has an intrinsic understanding of how strategies and policies can affect services and translates how changes can be practically and realistically adopted.


    Most recently Priti project managed the mobilisation of a primary health service (with multiple partners) into a Category A prison; managed the health needs analysis in a men’s and women’s prisons; and launched of a therapeutic pod into HMP Leeds.




    Molly Hayward

    Project Support

    Molly is a 3rd year trainee RMN at Greenwich University London working with SAFE in her year out.


    Molly has worked on a HNA for a women’s and men’s prison and has helped SAFE on various BIDS.


    Molly was drawn to work with vulnerable people taking her first job out of school for the Prison Service in a northern HMPYOI Secure Training Centre.


    We love Molly.



  • 2013/2014 'Deaths in Custody, developing a national lessons learned approach for health’

    Partnering with OHNA LTD, Leeds Becketts University and Spectrum CIC we promoted a ‘learning from lessons’ model patient safety approach for prison healthcare based on the 2013 HSJ/Nursing Times Patient Safety Award. During 2013/14.


    Our approach was presented to the NHS England Clinical Reference Group, NHS England Health and Justice, Independent Advisory Panel and NOMs Safer Custody to promote a national model that would reduce deaths in custody and improve patient safety in health services in prisons. 

    May-October 2014: Mobilising Prison and Probation Ombudsman Clinical review contract for the North of England.


    SAFE supported Dr Linda Harris, CEO of Spectrum CIC, to mobilise a quality assured, effective PPO clinical review service for deaths in custody. This covered the North, North West and Yorks and Humber Local Area Teams.


    ‘SAFE are particularly good at ‘inclusive project design and stakeholder management at this level’ 


    Dr Linda Harris, Spectrum Community Health CIC.


    September 2014 to February 2015  Service review, prison in crisis

    Partnering to bring the right expertise to the project


    SAFE was approached by Spectrum CIC to bring our expertise to a review of a prison health service in crisis. SAFE worked on site and undertook the integrated governance element, looking specifically at the workforce, risk management and leadership.


    The findings and analysis from the report enabled the Trust and NHS England Health and Justice Commissioners to make significant strategic decisions about the service future, assured they had the evidence to inform them.


    Dr. Harris reported that she would be happy to use us again and recommend us to others.


    May 2014 Bringing expertise to a national escort and bedwatch problem


    Commissioners and providers were struggling with increased cancelled escorts. They wanted to understand why these cancellations were happening to help them make better-informed decisions on tackling the issue.


    SAFE and LIB Health joined forces and created a capture template that helped commissioners understand the national picture, and make strategic planning decisions with partners based on evidence. 


    Jan to March 2015 Health Needs Analysis


    SAFE were delighted to work with old friends at OHNA LTD undertaking site visits for health needs analysis of prisons in the West Midlands. Spending time with women in the female estate refreshed my passion to advocate for change and to redress the inequality women face. See the work of the Prison Reform Trust Transforming Lives programme.

    Nov 2015 to February 2016 Health and Social Care Needs Assessment


    SAFE were contract through NHS England Health and Justice Commissioners to undertake a comprehensive Health and Social Care Needs Assessment for men and women at sites at HMP Peterborough. We loved working with the teams and were inspired by their commitment and energy.


    January 2016 Prison Service Journal

    Claire and Priti partnered with Dr Jayne Crosse of Leeds University to undertake a feasibility study of seedS on behalf of SAFE Innovations.


    We are delighted that this was published in the Prison Service Journal edited by our friends Bill and Helen at Leeds Beckett's University Prison Research Network.

    October 2014 Parlimentry Review into Deaths in Custody

    In the UK, self-inflicted deaths while in custody have become a national concern, with 87 deaths in the year to September 2014, an increase of 38%*. 


    SAFE supports the work of the Independent Advisory Panel on deaths in custody, the Harris Review into self-inflicted deaths in National Offender Management Service (NOMs) custody of 18-24 year olds and the Equality and Human Rights Commissions Inquiry Preventing deaths in Detention 2015. 


    See our contribution at IAP below

    2013/14 Service Review

    An NHS England forward thinking commissioning team were keen to maximise the effectiveness of their prison Inpatient Units .


    SAFE engaged an expert from our network to work on this project. We understood that one model doesn’t fit all and explored the local context with partners, staff and prisoners, increasing the opportunities to achieve the model that worked for them.


    We worked with the teams for almost a year to achieve a new model & criteria with an effective monitoring system that evidenced a reduction in non clinical use, improved patient outcomes, planned and co-ordinated discharge and a service improvement plan that would reduce escorts and bed watches.


    The commissioners said they would use us again and recommended us to others.